Kel Mitchell Talks with Club Shay Shay


Kel Mitchell, former child star of “All That” sat down with Shannon Sharpe on his podcast Club Shay Shay to spill the beans on his love life and relationship with former co-star Kenan Thompson.

During the 2-hour 12 minutes podcast, the actor and producer claimed that his ex-wife, Tyisha Hampton cheated on him during their marriage, to which she allegedly became pregnant by other men.

The former Nickelodeon star said he found out about the pregnancies at the beginning of their marriage, after they conceived their child.

We had the abortion, but then we had a baby, and she ended up telling me that the baby that was aborted wasn’t mine. It was a lot…” Mitchell said.

Kel then detailed that his ex-wife “stopped coming home” and that he found her at a hotel with a friend. He recalled filing for divorce after Hampton called him at work asking if she could be with someone else.

Speaking about the strained relationship between him and Kenan, Mitchell said it started when Kenan landed a gig on Saturday Night Live and he didn’t, even though they both auditioned at the same time.

He clarified that though they seemed close on television, it was merely just a job to them both.