Bounty Killa Reveals Surgery Done 3 Years Ago


Veteran dancehall artiste, Bounty Killa made a shocking revelation that he was struggling with an illness during the pandemic era.

In an Instagram post this morning (May 9), the “Look Into My Eyes” singer shared a photo that indicated that he went through major surgery, as it showed surgical incisions on his abdomen. The incisions run from his belly button downwards with several surgical staples.

In the post, the “Five Star General” stated:

“The first I’m sharing this with the public. 3yrs ago in may 2021 I did a major surgery and with the mercy of god i was able to be healed and full recovered in less than one year. different type of struggles don’t compare my life or try comprehend it give thanks to my family close friends the doctors nurses and staff at the University Hospital Toney Twaits Ward particularly life is a journey not a destination if you can’t run walk if you can’t walk then creep but don’t stop until you drop”

Fellow artistes such as Kiprich, Wayne Marshall, Spice, Esco, Kabaka Pyramid, and Bling Dawg shared their support of the artiste in the comment section.

One social media user asked in the comments the artiste was ill during his epic Verzus battle with Beenie Man in 2020, to which Killa responded

“Yes, I were”.