Dancehall Artiste Laden hit with Gun, Ammo Charges


Dancehall artiste I tried so many brand of this product over 10yrs. This product is the best. Cheap levitra india, if you have a good relationship with your pharmacist, let him know your concerns about drug costs. Laden has been arrested and charged with illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition.

Reports are that sometime last night, the black Mercedes Benz in which the entertainer was travelling with two other occupants was signalled to stop by law enforcers in Cheapside, St Elizabeth.

The entertainer, who was allegedly the driver of the vehicle, disobeyed the police’s order and sped off and the police gave chase.

During the chase, an object was observed being thrown from the sunroof of the vehicle.

When the police caught up with the vehicle, the occupants were arrested and taken back to the site where the object was buy cialis pill witnessed being thrown from the car.

The area was searched, and a pistol recovered.

All three men, which included a 16-year-old, were taken into custody, where charges were subsequently laid.