The legal team of Andrew “French” Wright, brand owner of the Caribbean music Festival, “Chug It” has issued a letter of demand to Grace Hamilton, otherwise known as “Spice” regarding her no-show at the September 5th staging of the event in Miami, Florida. The letter of demand penned by Wright’s attorney, Peter Champagnie Q.C., J.P., stated that presented evidence proves that Spice received payment in full for performance fees and all associated expenditure regarding her contract, in exchange for her advertised performance.

The letter was sent to Spice as well as members of her management team and booking agency, Khool International Booking Agency, and details the circumstances regarding her breach of contract. Terms of the contractual agreement stated that the balance of the performance fees were due to be paid one (1) hour prior to the entertainer’s departure from the hotel to the venue of the performance. Evidence submitted shows that as per Spice’s demands, these payments were made six (6) hours before the performance time, however, despite this, the entertainer still did not arrive at the venue until 9:25 pm.

Following the breach of contract, Spice and her team took to her Instagram account with over 3.7 million followers to slander the event and proprietor, with an array of false claims, accusing the organizers of using a fake credit card to book flights for her team members. She further blurted that “Chug It is a scam” and that the event “stole her fans’ money”. Chug It and its international business partners have provided evidence to their respective legal teams proving her statements to be defamatory. Further to this, Spice’s claims also incited patrons to the event to demand a refund of their ticket costs due to her non-performance.

In response to her breach of contract, Wright is demanding a refund of all money paid to Spice by September 15, 2021. Further, in response to her defamatory allegations, Wright has also demanded a written public apology, as well as the removal of her offensive and baseless Instagram posts.

Spice is yet to publicly respond to the latest response form the event.