Following news of a massive multimillion-dollar fraud at an investment bank, WHERE CLOSE TO $10M US HAS reportedly GONE MISSING FROM HIS ACCOUNT,  RETIRED SPRINT KING USAIN BOLT, TOOK TO SOCIAL MEDIA WHERE HE POSTED…“In a world of lies….where is the truth? The history of evil….what is the root?…money #CrypticWorld..”
Bolt is said to be one of more than 20 clients at the firm affected by the massive fraud.
Here are a few comments from social media:
“He could have chosen to live anywhere in the world but chose to remain in Jamaica & make a difference. What an obscene circumstance to be in at this time of his life. Someone, no someones, need to be imprisoned. This heist, was surely perpetrated with complicity”
“dem try run it back!!!!! U alone sidung inna dem cold wata deh, wake up early fe train, yuh blood sweat and tears dem wah reap easily!? Dem betta run back every red cent in the matchless name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth!!!!!!
Completely Wrong!!!!!! How could they be so comfortable in doing this, to take so much? What happened with the audit reports? Definitely not a one man job. This is so disheartening on so many levels. I wouldn’t be surprised if he decided to live somewhere. It doesn’t matter the millions and who it happened to. It’s just wrong period!