Minister with responsibility for Information, Robert Morgan, had a few questions that he needed answers for. 

While speaking at last Sunday’s presentation at the National Youth Month Church Service at Generations Church in Mandeville, he asked, “When did becoming a thief become fashionable?…When did dunce become fashionable?”

The question came to him after he heard his son listening to a viral teaser from newcomer, Valiant.

“…I heard my son playing a YouTube video, and he wasn’t playing it because he looked for it, he was just on his tablet, and I heard,… [None a unuh] nuh know dunce yet, back a di class mi nah nuh subject,’ and I wonder when did dunce become fashionable?”

He also referenced dancehall artiste Malie Donn’s trending song Bank in his speech, saying, “When did becoming a thief become fashionable?”

He said that during his youth, he never heard popular artistes with this subject matter, 

“We always used to listen to the songs dem that wi parents nuh want wi listen to enuh, but when mi a youth… Shabba, Beenie, and Bounty, mi never hear dem a endorse thieving, and what it says to me is that there is an importance…for us to be strong as young people to maintain our mental faculties and protect ourselves from some very fashionable negative things that are out there that are going to drive us to do wrong things,” he said.