Are you thinking about quitting because of “quiet quitting?”

The now viral phrase ‘quiet quitting ’has taken over social media over the past few days.

People are literally quitting their jobs because of this trend. One social media user said, “I politely stopped working my second job because of “quiet quitting.” Another user said, “Today will be my final day at work am tired of working.”

However, the term ‘quiet quitting’ is not actually about quitting your job. The term has more than one meaning. Some say it means doing the bare minimum at work or just not going above and beyond.

Others say it’s about setting healthy boundaries and taking back control of your time and standing up to employers expecting you to do more without paying you more. These are just some of the common examples used to define this latest workplace trend.

In summing up, the term Quiet quitting might be a response to burnout and stress, and a way for workers to reclaim their life back.

But one thing it’s not about is someone quitting their job. It’s more quitting on the employer.