The Kingston Night Market Contributing to the Maintenance of the Jamaican Cultural & Creative Industries


The Cultural industry refers to the various businesses that produce, distribute, market or sell products that belong categorically in creative arts.

Jamaica’s culture and creative industries comprise subsections including music, film, television, gastronomy, crafts, visual arts, and more each with its own unique context, heritage and potential.

The Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) and the British Council identified in a 2020 mapping exercise that a lack of business skills was identified as a barrier to growth and sustainability by cultural and creative industry entrepreneurs in Jamaica.

The Kingston Night Market, is a weekly artisan popup market that showcases a wide variety of premium artisans and creatives as well as authentic food and new musical experiences.

In an interview with Z, founder of the Kingston Night Market, Hyacinth McDonald spoke about the inception of the weekly night market.


Mrs. McDonald explained that she got the inspiration from a trip to Cambodia.

She also explained that Dr. Llewellyn, Jamaica’s ethnomusicologist thought that culture in Jamaica was dying as such she felt that the night market was the best way to maintain the culture.


And that was founder of the Kingston Night Market, Hyacinth McDonald.