King’s House Jamaica has responded to statements made by entertainer Shaggy on Monday that the 2020 staging of Shaggy and Friends has been postponed due to a lack of venues.

King’s House Jamaica claims Shaggy and his team were never denied access to its property. According to the press release in part, the organizers were advised that in the future, the East Lawn would not be available, and they would need to revert to the previous arrangements for parking on the West Lawn, citing traffic congestion as the reason.

However, in a letter addressed to Shaggy’s wife, Rebecca Packer-Burrell, following the 2018 staging of Shaggy and Friends, King’s House Jamaica contradicted itself. According to the letter making the rounds on various social media platforms, King’s House Jamaica said, “I am to advised that this is the last occasion on which King’s House is prepared to make any of its property available for this event or any other of a similar nature.”

The Grammy-winning dancehall deejay’s charity show, Shaggy and Friends has donated millions to the Bustamante Hospital for Children via his the Shaggy Make a Difference Foundation.