International recording artiste Orville Shaggy Burrell, has sought to clarify why charity funds have not been handed over to the Bustamante Hospital for Children

Recently there were reports in the media that 100 million dollars raised for the hospital through a concert put on the by Shaggy Make a Difference Foundation last year, had cialis discount not been handed over.

Speaking at a press conference at the Bustamante Hospital for Children in Kingston yesterday (Mon), Shaggy explained that the money was not handed over due to several reasons.

Key among those reasons is a plan to use the money to host other charity events, so that the Bustamante Hospital could be retrofitted with a new Intensive Care Unit ICU Building, as well as at least five hospital beds, of which the hospital needs.

Noting that he recently landed a contract with two levitra 20mg tablets US television networks for an animated musical, he said this could have damaged his reputation.
Shaggy explained that following a publication in the local media about the issue, one of the companies asked him to clear the air and explain why he had not handed over the 100 million dollars.



Shaggy also presented proof that the sum raised has not been removed from the account in which it was deposited.
According to a letter from the Bank of Nova Scotia, as at yesterday (Mon) November 11, 112 million dollars, proceeds from the 2018 concert, remained in the account.
Shaggy is to hold meetings with the relevant stakeholders to decide the way forward.