Incarcerated singer R. Kelly is not letting a jail cell stop him from serenading the ladies.

According to sources, an inmate asked Kelly to speak with his visiting daughter, to which Kelly agreed. In the now-viral video, which is sparking outrage on social media, the “I believe I can fly” singer serenaded her with his song ‘Love Letter’.

The video was captioned, “when your dad goes to the same prison as r kelly”. In the video, the woman said, “I wanted to ask you something, can you sing a song for me?” to which Kelly responded, “which one”. The seemingly star-struck woman began to sing a few lines from the song before Kelly chimed in with the rest of the lyrics. “Did you get my card? / Did you read my love letter?

Speaking with the New York Post, the woman, who has requested anonymity, said, “R. Kelly did me the favor and [sang] for me because he and my dad are serving time together…[It wasn’t] for any other weird reason”

Kelly has been convicted on charges including racketeering, sex trafficking, and the sexual exploitation of a child. He faces anywhere from 10 years to life in prison when he’s sentenced in May.