Spreading love across the globe in is always a positive thing, and for Popcaan, the love was flowing.

The dancehall star was in Malta this week and decided to give back to fans while he visited a shopping mall. On his Instagram, Popcaan shared his give back as he allowed the kids to choose items from the store that they needed, all on his tab.

The one minute forty-five seconds clip started with the caption, “Popcaan went to the mall in Malta, saw some kids in the store…told them to take what they need”, followed by a video which showed him in the store with several kids shopping together, trying on shirts and kicks and other clothing items and of course picking of the bill after.

After the post was made several persons in the comment section applaud the ‘Elevate’ DJ for his kind gesture, while others, were not so happy.

Toni Ann Singh commented, “This is how you represent Jamaica to the WORLD… the spirit moved you to give, and you obeyed”.

One person wrote, “some hungry belly pickney in a him own country.”