Police warns promoters that Noise Abatement Act still stands


As the Government’s adjusted COVID-19 containment measures in relation to the entertainment sector take effect today, the Police are reminding persons that the provisions of the Noise Abatement Act remain in force.

This means that persons seeking to hold events of any size must seek permission from their local police.

The Noise Abatement Act stipulates that an application must be made in writing to the Superintendent in charge of the division at least 10 days prior to the date of the event.

According to the Police, the written application should contain pertinent details such as the number or persons expected at the event and the proposed start and end times.

The Police are also reminding persons that other agencies, such as the Municipal Authority and Copyright Agencies also have a part to play in the granting of permits to stage events.

Persons are therefore urged to consult with their local police when planning events to ensure the smooth resumption of activities in the sector.