B2K’s Fizz and his new girlfriend Apryl Jones were entangled in messy headlines over their relationship, Apryl’s ex and Fizz’s band mate Omarion remained silent. Fizz and Apryl’s controversial pairing was the subject of rumors throughout 2019, even as B2K embarked on the Millennium Tour.

However, the group banded together for the good of their fans and securing the bag, and they were able to rake in a reported $5 million from the tour.

In a calm and unbothered manner in an interview with VLAD TV, Omarion shared that he’s not one to stand in the way of anyone’s happiness and he couldn’t care less what Fizz, nor Apryl, do with their personal lives.

Meanwhile, Apryl could be seen on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood and heard in interviews dragging Omarion, only to be met with silence.

Well it would seem Omarion is the king of unbothered and petty….. Omarion dropped a gem that a 2020 Millenium Tour was on the horizon and of course, no B2K. On Tuesday, Fizz’s birthday, Omarion announced that the 2020 Millenium Tour was moving forward with acts including Bow Wow, Soulja Boy, and the Yin Yang Twins, and it seems that J-Boog is blaming B2K’s exclusion on one person, and one person only. Fizz.

Later, J-Boog did offer up his congratulations to Omarion and the rest of the 2020 Millennium Tour artists. Raz B shared his congrats too, but fans say know they mad at Fizzle Pop.