Minister Hall says no to ‘Obeah’ allegations


Minister Hall formerly known as Lady Saw, has spoken out amidst claims that she
used obeah to prevent Spice from taking her crown as Queen of Dancehall and was forced out of dancehall.
The claim was made by spiritual advisor Nardo ‘RT Boss’ Smith. Smith said he
“reversed the order” which unloaded bad karma on Hall and drove her straight into
In a very passionate video posted on social media yesterday Hall stated, “Nobody
couldn’t run mi outta dancehall, nobody, cause yuh know nobody never bad like me right?,” she asked. “But it was time to walk away from the Devil work, come outta di Devil workplace because it was too much. I couldn’t deal with it anymore”.
She also dismissed claims that she gifted Spice a jacket, which Smith claimed he had Spice burnt because it was bonded with bad omen.
“My clothing I never give that woman… she had her boutique, she was never short
of clothes, so if I give her a jacket I don’t even recall, she would have to tell you
that. The only thing I remember giving her was to sell some clothes for me, maybe
two or three pieces…”

Hall said she decided to speak as she believes this is an attack from the Devil.