Jeremih talks about his near death experience with Covid19


While appearing on ‘Sway in the Morning’ the singer recalled being in ICU since
his condition was pretty serious. Jeremih said that he had multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS) and remembered “seeing a white light” on at least one occasion.
“What I can say is, man… it definitely is real. I didn’t take it for granted, and truth
be told, this was kinda like… I’m a living, walking testimony.” He went on to say, “I was really down bad for the last month and a half while I was in there. I don’t even remember the day I went in.

Jeremih, 33, who left the hospital last week, also stressed the seriousness of COVID- 19 and how it shouldn’t be ignored. During his interview he also shared how his tough battle motivated him to go harder, “Whatever I’ve done before now I’m going to do it to the 10th power because it’s a reason why I’m still here”.