Jada Kingdom ‘Parring’ with Pardi?


Jamaican starlet Jada Kingdom’s 25th birthday celebrations had social media talking earlier this week, with people speculating that she has a new beau.

Social media “FBI agents” noticed a male figure in the background of the photos she posted to her Instagram account, and based on the pictures shown, it seems that Jada was on an intimate dinner with a mystery man.

In one photo, she held a huge bouquet of pink, red and white flowers with a note that read “Happy Birthday Gorgeous”. In another, she was beside a man in a white Tee with a plaid shirt.

However, he had a very unique pendant on his studded chain.

That was enough to send the social media detectives to hunt down the possible suspects, and fans are alleging that this man is Megan Thee Stallion’s ex-boyfriend and rapper, Pardi Fontaine.

According to Pardi’s fans, his pendant is so unique that it has to be the rapper.

Just last month, social media was in a frenzy because of speculations that Jada Kingdom and afrobeats superstar Burna Boy were an item after they were allegedly spotted out and about. Things got even more heated when Burna Boy alluded to being with the “Love Situations” songstress in his Talibans Remix verse.