Cardi Fans in for a Treat 


Cardi B fans can expect to get a bit of Cardi when they purchase her signed CD. 

In anticipation for her upcoming collab with Megan Thee Stallion on their new single “Bongos”, the WAP rapper went live on her Instagram to share her excitement. 

During the signing of her cover art, she decided to cater to the needs of her ‘super’ fans by rubbing her cover art all over her body and signing them.  

If it is one thing Cardi B will do, it is THE MOST! 

Cardi and Meg have a near-Diamond collab with their 2020 hit “WAP” and are presumably picking up where that success left off with Friday’s release of “Bongos.”

Fans are hoping that this track is a sign that cardi will be putting out a new album soon.