In Conversation with Jayden Chambers


The Jamaican music industry has long been saturated with immense talent and potential. One heartwarming concept to see within the industry is when children follow in the footsteps of their musical parents.

Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Denroy Morgan, Freddie McGregor, and Jimmy Riley are some of the fathers whose children have chosen a career in music, in some way preserving their fathers’ legacies.



Jayden Chambers more popularly known as the Creative Outlaw spoke about his journey with music.





The Portmore native spoke about how the Nomad’s dub ‘Message’ was the key to his love for music.


The rising artiste spoke about his father and grandfather’s legacy within the Jamaican music industry.


The Edna-trained actor and percussionist explained how the people in his community encouraged him to put himself out there and step foot into the music industry.




Jayden also spoke about his podcast, Intoxicated, and the role he believes he has to play in the movement toward the legalization of the herb.




The Creative Outlaw described his sound as an amalgamation of feel-good sounds.



Jayden also spoke about his upcoming 6 track EP titled ‘In Di Indies’ with Dancehall artiste, Rajani being the sole feature on the project



Jayden also explained what his sound adds to the current landscape in the Jamaican music echo chamber.



That was rising artiste, Jayden Chambers, more popularly known as the Creative Outlaw.