Dancehall Artiste D’Angel was recently recognized for her musical efforts internationally.

This, after she received an award from the Georgia state governor, Brian Kemp’ for her work and dedication. D’Angel expresses gratitude for the recognition.

The award was presented by Atlanta Caribbean Carnival Organiser, Patricia Tonge Edigin on behalf of the governor.

A statement reads:

“We decided to chose Dangel for her hard work and dedication to her music career. Every year the Official Atlanta Caribbean Carnival recognizes various artist from different Caribbean island and this year Dangel was artist of choice. We send a write up about the artist to our Governor they do their research about the artist and once they approve the artist gets an award.”

Questions were raised on social media about where the award was presented, which happened to take place in the hallway of the hotel in which the entertainer was staying.

However, D’angel who was shocked yet excited about the recognition, explained that the event was cancelled due to overcrowding.