In recent times, female entertainers–internationally and locally–have been sharing harrowing stories of how they were the subject of unwanted sexual advances.
On Wednesday, reggae recording artiste Etana, took to social media to share with her fans and followers that she was the subject of sexual assault by an artiste who reportedly invited her to see a studio.
The claims were made from an unverified account on Facebook. The Zee reached out to a member from the entertainer’s camp, where it was confirmed that she indeed made the posts.
Etana said “Some years ago, I received a call from a team member saying another artist want to link up. I asked why and team member said the artist wants you check out his new studio and possibly work on something new.  I called the artist he said, ‘yeah I just built a new studio you should come check it out’.”
“He talked about other musical things etc but the main point of the convo was for me to check out the new studio in the house. I told him i would. When I got to the house, I followed him to where the studio was and I looked around. On the way out right in the little corner, artist buss kiss on my lips. I was shocked but the look I gave him, I guess he knew I was not interested,” she said.

Fans are hoping that more victims of sexual assault will come forward with their stories.