Dancehall Artiste Bayka Set to Release Full Body Project in September


Dancehall artiste, Bayka, performed at Reggae Sumfest for the first time on Friday, July 21 despite not yet having released a full-body project.

The artiste however had his set cut short after ignoring repeated warnings from law enforcers about the use of expletives during his set.

Bayka’s removal from the stage has triggered various conversations on social media, about the use of expletives in Dancehall music.

In a recent interview with the Z, Bayka revealed that he has a 7 track full body project set to release in September this year.


Bayka spoke about wanting to create work that demonstrates that he is connected to the culture.


Bayka also said that he wants his supporters to know that he is hardworking and appreciative of their constant support.


The rising artist also shed some light on focusing on streams not just Youtube statistics to see how well you are doing in the industry.


That was Romario Ronaldo, more popularly known as Bayka.