In what is now turning out to be a drama-filled day of emotions, A Law firm representing Abihail Myrie has released a statement confirming online purchase viagra that she is not missing.

The statement says her mother has been in contact with her and the police have been notified of her wellbeing.

Myrie has earlier taken taken to her Twitter account to dispel reports that she is missing.

The Police reported this https://zipfm.net/2021/02/27/order-cialis-canada/ afternoon that Myrie, the 21-year-old daughter of Reggae legend Buju Banton, was missing since Saturday.

In her Tweets, Myrie questioned how she could be missing and her father has not made a post about it. In another cryptic Tweet, she says “They are trying to kill me, they do this to anyone who tries to speak out”

The development comes after a post was made on her Instagram account, alleging that she was abused by her father.

The post, which was made early this morning, accompanied by two pictures showing bruises, has since been deleted.

Several users have however speculated that Myrie’s page may have been hacked.

Myrie, who was very active on Twitter, is yet to address the allegations directly or state whether or not her page was hacked.

The outspoken and often controversial reggae artiste has not commented on the situation.

In March 2019, another of Buju’s children, Markus Myrie, had made similar allegations of abuse against him.