Alleged Victim of 1999 Club Shooting Says Diddy Did It


Diddy cannot get a break, it seems, as more information comes to light!

American rapper and businessman Diddy has been accused of paying off the owners of the nightclub Club New York for a shooting incident that took place on December 27, 1999.

Natalia Reuben, the woman who was shot during the incident, took to her social media accounts to “expose” Diddy for shooting her in the face. 

Reuben also claimed that the rapper allowed his friend and fellow rapper, Shyne, to take the fall for him.

In the almost 7-minute video, Reuben recalls the incident, giving her testimony, going to court, and suing Diddy, only for her information to be suppressed.

She claims that the recent incidents of Diddy being sued have helped to solidify her claims over the past 24 years, and she claims that had it not been for the recent issues, no one would have believed her.

She said, “I was screaming, ‘Puffy [shot] me in the face.’… Everybody knew he did it, but he paid off the club bouncer and all these other people to hide the video. That’s his MO.”