What Is The Real Reason Why Blueface Kicked His Mom And Sister Out Of His House?


What is the real reason why American rapper Blueface kicked his mom and sister out of his house in Los Angeles?

Over the weekend, the rapper was filmed by both his mother and sister while kicking them out from his home. Apparently, the “Thotiana” rapper is currently in a relationship with two women and according to Bluefaces’s sister, Kali, the argument started when one of his girlfriends reportedly refused to greet his mom.

However, Blueface accused his mother and sister of “clout chasing”. On Sunday, he posted to his Instagram story,

“I’ll take this to the chin an let y’all eat this internet story up, even got a couple more followers coming in, just remember none of you were there so none of your really knows what happen”

The rapper still has not yet given his side of the story for what happened.

Blueface purchased the home in March and his mother and sister were living with him ever since.

The rapper is popularly known for his hit single with female rapper Cardi-B, ‘Thotiana’, which was released in 2018.