Last Saturday, rising recording artiste, Shaneil Muir fainted at A&B Complex on Market Street in Montego Bay, reportedly due to exhaustion. According to reports, the “Yamabella” artiste was treated for stress-related symptoms and exhaustion at the GWest Medical Centre in the parish. She has been ordered by her doctor to take a 7 day leave. The entertainer was scheduled to perform at Shades Pon-Di-Beach and Cups Up in Ocho Rios, St Ann, Saturday and Hartford, Connecticut on Sunday. She has since apologised to her fans and the promoters of the two events.In a release, she says she will take steps to take better care of her health, so she can continue to honour commitments and pursue the career she loves. She also took to her Instagram to let her fans know she is Okay. She also revealed that she is facing an issue with her former manager Richie Flores “I going stop wid dis Dancehall an’ mi aguh step out an’ go back to mi God. An’ dis time, mi mek a vow seh yuh see when mi tap, nothing can bring me back. Nothing can bring me back,” she said.“Mi nuh have money problem…yuh see yah suh weh mi call mental health yuh see mi mental health an’ mi spirituality, a dat alone matter to mi. Mi nuh business bout money. Dis world nuh deserve mi. The Bible seh what does it profit a man to gain the world an’ lose him soul.”