Saturday night, reggae singer Richie Stephens took to social media to deny sexual assault allegations made against him by 27-year-old General Lim, who was with him on his Australia tour in 2019.

In the almost 4 minute video posted on his Instagram, Stephens said, “Ms Elaine Lim made some allegations, some of what she said is true but I am here to tell you what is true. One, she was on tour with me in 2019 in Australia, two, she made a formal report to the police against me, and three, she did a rape kit. What she did not tell you, a thorough investigation was done by the Australian police. He went on to further state. “I was detained, they took a statement from me, they took a statement from her and other people and there were cameras in the vicinity, “While I was detained, I called my attorney Christopher Townsend who advised me what to do, and at the end of the investigation, they found her allegations to be simply baseless”.

Also during the video, Stephens said that he feels sorry for Lim and the fact that she would go to such lengths to get recognition.

Last Thursday, Elaine Lim posted a video on YouTube titled, “TW: The Truth about Richie Stephens in Australia 2019”. In the 25-minute-long video, she claimed that Stephens raped her on the 12th and 13th of November 2019 in Melbourne, Australia.