Ninja Man Writes a Second Letter to the Government


Dancehall veteran Desmond Ballentine, popularly known as Ninja Man, has penned yet another letter addressed to the Prime Minister, Opposition Leader, and other relevant members of government.

In his first letter to the government in November 2023, the “Original Don Gorgon” sought to highlight the plight of inmates and advocate for better living conditions for inmates in the Jamaican correctional system.

Yesterday (February 6), in his latest message, Ninja Man said, “I have seen where changes are beginning to take place in the institution. I am not sure if those changes were manifested in thought before the letter, but I have seen them being implemented since.”.

He also thanked the leader of the opposition, Mark Golding, for his response to the previous letter.

He also stated that though other members of the government body did not respond in the way of the opposition leader, they also did not ignore the letter. “I want people to understand that they did not ignore that letter because it was mentioned several times whether on the campaign trail or in parliament, it was acknowledged and was not criticised in any way” the letter said.

He stated that he has seen changes being made in his environment and that he will not take the praise for the changes as he is unaware if plans were implemented before his letter caught the public’s attention.

Ninja Man is currently convicted and serving a life sentence.