Nicki Minaj for Vogue


Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty, popularly known as Nicki Minaj, has graced the cover of Vogue Magazine for their December spread. She also opened her seaside mansion to Vogue, as she has been featured in their Vouge 73 questions.

The “Anaconda” rapper spoke about her personal life as a mother and wife, her music career, and her upcoming album.

As for Minaj’s marriage, she shared that it was important for her to marry someone who knew her before she rose to fame. In her Vogue interview with writer Rob Haskell, Nicki spoke about her marriage to husband Kennett Petty, whom she first met when they were teenagers. They fell out of touch for years, reconnected, got married in 2019, and now share a child together.

We still do not know the name of their baby boy. However, we do know that she calls him Papa Bear.

She had this to say about her relationship with Petty:

We make each other laugh, We’re silly. And we’re always reminiscing about some old story. If it was a guy that I met as Nicki Minaj, I think I’d feel like they liked me because I’m Nicki Minaj, and what if I don’t look like Nicki Minaj every day? And that, combined with pregnancy, would probably have made me crazy.”