Mark Golding Responds to Ninja Man’s Letter for Rehabilitation


Following the six-year anniversary of the murder conviction of Ninja Man, whose real name is Desmond Ballentine, the artiste penned a letter to Jamaica’s Prime Minister, Opposition Leader, and Minister of National Security.

In the letter, the “Don Gorgon” made a request to spearhead a rehabilitation programme for inmates that he says will help inmates break the cycle of crime when they are released. “There are a lot of unused skills that are going to waste,” he says in the letter. “I feel that being institutionalized should be more than just for punishment; I am not here to buy guns or form gangs; I’m here to change the mindset of the youth, and I’m asking the government to assist me with restarting a rehabilitation programme that I am willing to spearhead.”

The Opposition leader responded to the letter with a lengthy post on X (formerly Twitter), acknowledging the artiste’s concerns and welcomed the recommendations from the artiste.

Golding also sought urgent attention from the government and society to pay attention to the suggestions outlined by Ninja Man.