Kodak Black begs for ‘lighter sentence’


Rapper Kodak Black has begged judges for a lighter sentence in his gun case, ahead of his sentencing date.

Kodak Black is set to be sentenced in gun case where the rapper put intentionally put misinformation details on a gun application.

The “ZeZe” rapper has been in prison after getting arrested on his way to perform at Rolling Loud Miami Festival in Miami.

The 22-year-old rapper is reportedly begging the judge to lower his expected sentence. Black’s lawyers wrote a letter to the judge requesting to give him a sentence of 3-3 and a half years in prison.

After the Floridian rapper admitted to lying on the gun application, the lawyers decided it’s a reasonable sentence, since he was truthful.

Kodak Black still remains banned from buying guns due to the fact he’s on bond for rape charges.

As Kodak Black prepares for being sentenced, his lawyers are arguing that the charge was for deception rather than having the gun in his possession.

However, when Kodak was arrested, the rapper took complete accountability for the crimes authorities claimed he did.

Additionally, Kodak’s lawyers backed the rapper by revealing Kodak and his team were on the receiving end of death threats made by gangs.

In their plea for a lighter sentence, Kodak’s lawyer also brought up the fact that he grew up in a rough environment, in Miami’s housing projects.

They also brought up the fact that Kodak has a child to raise.