Happy New Car: Picking Winners


Leading car sales site Edmunds recently put out its Top Rated Awards, noting the best of the new model cars in several categories. While most of us are not about to hop behind the wheel of a Chevy Corvette or a mustang Mach-E, some ofthe other choices may be more familiar and accessible:

The iconic ford F-150, for example, took the award for [Pickup] Truck of the Year, based not only on it superior towing capacity, but its range of features (like flat-folding front and rear seats).

In the SUV category Kia’s 3-row Telluride (named for the famed U.S. ski resort) repeats as winner in this category. The Edmunds team, which actually includes a Telluride owner, cites the vehicles ease of operation, looks and general off-road capability.

The MBUX Infotainment system is one of the key factors elevating Mercedes to the top of the Luxury Sedan category, but also superior ride, speed when needed and the legendary Benz interior.

For those seeking the same attributes in a more budget-friendly package, its Kia to the fore again, with the K5 (replacing the Optima). The new entrant delivers on all driver expectations and also comes with one of the industry’s more generous warranty packages.