Denyque returns fire


Recording artiste Denyque has teased a new song, taking a jab at Popcaan who also teased a track relating the water-melon controversy.

All this came out of the recent dispute between Popcaan and Denyque, where the songstress wore a shirt that implied Popcaan was “somebody’s son” while she was “me” (represented by a watermelon being eaten by Popcaan, added fuel to this symbolism.

Popcaan responded with strong language to Denyque’s shirt, leading to a public exchange between the two entertainers on Twitter (X).

But Denyque had defended her choice of clothing, claiming it was just a shirt.

Now, Popcaan seems to be capitalizing on the attention from this watermelon-related drama and Denyque never waited to offer up a respond.