The Zones of Special Operations ZOSOs in Denham order cialis from canada Town, West Kingston; Mount Salem, St. James; Greenwich Town and August Town in St. Andrew, have been extended for a further 60 days.

The House of Representatives, on Tuesday approved four Resolutions for the extensions, which were moved by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, Dr. Horace Chang.

Dr. Chang said that the ZOSOs “are working effectively”, noting that the residents in the beneficiary communities can attest to the significant infrastructural, social and security improvements.

Dr. Chang said that more order cialis canada than 21 communities have been identified by the Planning Institute of Jamaica PIOJ as being vulnerable and volatile and could meet the criteria for the designation of a ZOSO.

He noted, however, that it is not feasible levitra kaufen to declare ZOSOs in all of these communities at the same time, given the extensive human, financial and institutional capacity that is required.