The video streaming platform, YouTube, is currently under fire for refusing to remove a song by rx cialis American rapper, YG, despite the song having heavy anti-Asian lyrics.

YG’s 2014 song ‘Meet The Flockers’ outlines how to commit a burglary and begins with a verse recommending Asians as the easiest targets for a home invasion.

The recent murders in Atlanta have focused attention on anti-Asian racism in the US.

According to reports, staff members at YouTube requested to have the song remove from the platform, however, their request https://zipfm.net/2021/02/24/cialis-online-usa/ was denied by YouTube executives.

After a Town Hall meeting was held, YouTube’s executives agree the song is “highly offensive” and “painful for many to watch,” but it will not be removed from the platform because the video is seen as an EDSA (Educational, Documentary, Scientific or Artistic) exception.