A woman who was in the room with Pop Smoke has shared details of his last moments following the home invasion and murder that took his life last year.

The witness’s testimony was released during the preliminary hearing for a suspect named Corey Walker in Los Angeles to determine if he will go to trial for the death of the Brooklyn-born rap star.

Pop Smoke and an unnamed woman, were hanging out in an Airbnb in Los Angeles, celebrating the release of his new chart-topping album.

The woman said an armed man came in through the window and told her be quiet, while he confronted Pop Smoke, who was taking a shower in the adjoining bathroom.

The woman said she heard a struggle coming from the bathroom and heard the rapper scream before he ran out of the bathroom. The rapper was then shot and he fell to the ground.

She said two other intruders then began to kick the rapper, however, he managed to run downstairs, where he was shot two more times.