Weeknd’s Sales Spike after SuperBowl show

Sales of The Weeknd’s songs witnessed a huge spike after his Super Bowl LV halftime show.
The “Blinding Lights” singer’s music sales soared 385% in the U.S. on February 7, according to initial reports to MRC Data.
On February 7, the day of the Super Bowl, The Weeknd’s collective songs and albums across his entire catalog sold 36,500 copies, up 385% compared to 7,500 sold on February 6.
The Weeknd sold 32,500 songs, up 454% from 6,000 on February 6; and 4,000 albums, up 138% from less than 2,000 the previous day.
About 29% of The Weeknd’s total sales on February 7 came from his hit song “Blinding Lights,” which closed his half-time performance. It sold 10,000 copies, up 423% from 2,000.