Usain Bolt



Track star Usain Bolt’s foundation, is set to donate school supplies to early
childhood institutions.
His foundation will be donating educational equipment to schools in the rural areas as part of a partnership with the Early Childhood Commission and
they have identified 21 schools to give printers and necessary items for learning.

Still on the topic of Usain bolt but lets switch gears a little bit. Bolt, who is co
founder of Bolt Mobility and the rest of his team, is conducting a crowd funding
campaign on Start Engine, meaning persons can invest and become a part owner in
the startup that is reinventing micro-mobility.
In an Instagram post he wrote, “Movement is my life’s work. Bolt Mobility
@Bolt_now is changing movement for people around the globe, with micro-
mobility solutions that make transportation smarter, faster, and more sustainable”.
Already in their fleet is the Bolt One and the Bolt Chariot, a Bolt bike is currently in production and soon they will add a Bolt Moped.
On Bolt’s design team is Ed Welburn who joined as an advisor, is the former Vice
President of General Motors Global Design, during his 44 year career, he was
considered one of the premiere minds in automotive design.