There is a possibility that we may see Usain Bolt, who is 34, back on the field, but not at the Olympics.

The sprint legend said on “The Dan Patrick Show” Thursday, that he’s seriously thinking about a proposed showdown with Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver, Tyreek Hill.

The 27-year-old American football star issued a challenge to the 8-time Olympic champion during Kansas City’s training camp on July 30. “Usain Bolt got out the game for a reason, right?” Hill said. “He’s old, he’s washed up and he can’t see me at 40 yards. 100-yard dash? Yes, that’s what he do.”

According to statistics, it seems Hill isn’t all talk. He is one of the fastest players in the NFL, clocking a 40-yard or approximately 36 meters time of 4.29 seconds.

During Bolt’s interview on Thursday, Patrick proposed that the two should run a distance of 70 metres, which he said would be a compromise between Hill’s preferred distance of 40 meters and Bolt’s preferred 100 meters. Patrick suggested the race could take place during or immediately after Super Bowl weekend.

To make the competition even more interesting, Patrick said that something must be on the line. He suggested that Bolt puts one of his gold medals, and Hill should put his Super Bowl LIV (54) ring on the line. “Hill’s been talking, so we’ll see,” Bolt said on the show. “We should put some thought into that one.”

However, it is unclear if Hill would accept that challenge, but the NFL player did retweet Bolt’s interview on Thursday by saying, “Someone give him some attention.”

Sound like fighting words!