As we all celebrated Father’s day yesterday, track star Usain Bolt, and long time girlfriend, Kasi Bennett, all shocked us with a Father’s Day surprise.

The couple revealed to their followers yesterday via an Instagram post that they have added twin boys to their family.

Fans have been speculating for months that Kasi might be pregnant due to her lack of social media activity. Not only did she confirm that she was pregnant, but also that she gave birth to twin boys, St Leo Bolt and Thunder Bolt. The couple now is a family of five along with their firstborn daughter, Olympia Lightning Bolt, who turned one in May.

Usain and Kasi not only shocked the internet with their reveal of twin boys but also now fans are speculating if the couple are now married. In the photo posted yesterday, you can see that Kasi has a ring adorning her ring finger which seems very much like a wedding band.

For now, Kasi and Usain have yet to make a public statement and we will have to wait and see if they will drop some wedding photos on us.

Ziptocrats, do you think Usain and Kasi got married?