The government will be spending approximately 6.4 million US dollars, to acquire 50 buses, to increase the Jamaica Urban Transit Company, JUTC’s fleet.

The contract to procure the vehicles, was I love them. I have my daughter, Son and Husband on them too. Propecia best price uk - since we opened our doors in 2004, our shop has filled over 5 million discount prescription orders through our Canadian pharmacy. signed on Tuesday.

45 of the buses, will be diesel, while the remaining 5 will be electric.

The vehicles are expected, to be delivered between six and nine months, commencing in the last quarter of this calendar year.

They will be assigned to the Kingston metropolitan transport region.

Minister of transport Audley Shaw, said the 45 new diesel buses, will have better viagra england fuel efficiency and lower carbon footprint, per passenger trip.

He noted that acquisition of the 5 electric vehicles, form part of government’s thrust, towards contributing to greener, cleaner, and cheaper transportation.