Tourism Minister Participates in Discussions on New Global Leadership Demands During COVID-19 Pandemic


Tourism Minister, Edmund Bartlett says the COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the importance for global tourism policy makers and industry leaders to activate a more proactive and decisive approach, to enhance the sector’s resilience.

The Minister said, that “Overall, the pandemic has reminded tourism policy makers and industry leaders that they are equally crisis managers. He said “this necessitates a posture that understands and accepts the imminence of various threats to the sector and the resultant need to activate a proactive approach to enhancing its readiness to meet the challenges of the present and future”

He suggested that this decisive leadership should be underscored by meaningful partnerships and synergies; data-driven policies; innovative 5 mg cialis canada thinking and adaptation and human capacity-building.

The Minister made these remarks during a panel discussion at the highly anticipated ‘A World for Travel – Évora Forum,’ a global sustainable travel industry event, which began today in Évora, Portugal.