Be cautious when you share a creator’s work on your platform.

Famous makeup artist and TikToker Rosalinda Dershmuk buy levitra discount (@cramakeup) felt some type a way as she was not credited by Romeich when her video was reposted.

The entertainment manager posted the TikToker’s video on his Instagram account, with Shenseea’s hit song “Dolly” playing in the background.

The influencer later saw the post and spoke out saying, “Romeich be praying on small creators content for their artist promo without even giving credit.”

Romeich later deleted the low cost levitra post. He later commented on Dershmuk’s IG post, “1 someone sent video to me. 2 we all take videos off tik tok and do various stuff with it so some a uno too extra with the negativity. 3 if me never post it alot of u all wudnt see and comment as well as she took it as offense and I dm her because me have respect and apologize but uno fi easy with negative vibe this year!!!”

Rosalinda Dershmuk has over 800,000 followers on TikTok and is known for her dramatic before and after transformations.