Tesla sues former engineer for allegedly stealing its supercomputer’s secrets


Tesla is suing former engineer Alexander Yatskov for allegedly stealing “confidential and tightly guarded” information related to the company’s supercomputer technology, called Project Dojo. In a copy cialis online uk of the complaint, Tesla accuses Yatskov of downloading the information to his personal devices and refusing to give it back.

Yatskov, who Tesla claims lied on his resume about his work history and skillset, started working for the electric vehicle maker as a thermal engineer in January and aided in the design of Dojo’s cooling systems.
Dojo is Tesla’s neural net training computer that processes large amounts of data used to train the AI software in Tesla’s self-driving cars.

Tesla says all engineers sign a non-disclosure agreement that should prevent them from disclosing or storing confidential information about Dojo, which Tesla says Yatskov has violated by allegedly “removing Tesla confidential information from work devices and accounts, accessing it on his own personal devices, and creating Tesla documents containing confidential Project Dojo details on a personal computer.