R&b superstar, T-Pain buy levitra discount felt depressed over comments made by Usher a few years ago.

In a new clip in an exclusive forthcoming Netflix series This Is Pop, the ‘Bartender’ singer recalls a conversation he had with Usher during a flight to the BET Awards in 2013. While he was sleeping, a flight attendant woke him up and explain that Usher wanted to speak with him.

“Usher was my friend,” T-Pain said. “I really respect Usher. And he said, ‘I’m gonna tell you something, man. You kinda …up music.”

T-Pain says he thought Usher was joking at first, so Last week I have tried this medicine and would like to recommend you. Indian cialis canada today, oral tablets are the most common ED treatment. This is one of them. he laughed. “And then he was like, ‘Yeah man you really messed up music for real singers,'” he recalls. He revealed that after Usher’s comment, he fell into a deep depression that lasted 4 years.

The series is now available on Netflix.