St. Elizabeth man charged with murder


The Black River Police arrested and charged 48-year-old Everald Miller, a labourer of Windsor district, Siloah in St. Elizabeth with Murder, Illegal Possession of Firearm and two counts of Assault at Common Law following an incident in his community.

The charges are in relation to the murder of 30-year-old Steve Daley otherwise called ‘Bubda’, a labourer of the same community.

Reports from the Black River Police are that about 12:10 p.m., Miller and Daley had an argument when Miller allegedly used a machete to inflict several chop wounds to Daley’s face. Daley was taken to the hospital where he died whilst being treated.

A report was made to the police, who went in pursuit of Miller. He was seen in the area; however, when the police tried to stop him he reportedly pointed a firearm at them and attempted to escape. He was however caught and later charged.

His court date is being finalised.