Veteran sports broadcaster Ed Barnes was among the recipients of National Honours and Awards at Kings House yesterday.

Barnes who has served in the field of sports journalism for over three decades, was among four recipients of the Order of Distinction, Commander Class.

He was acknowledged for his service in journalism and media, in the sporting arena.

Also receiving the Order of Distinction Commander Class Chris Dehring for outstanding contribution to sports marketing; Dr. St. Aubyn Bartlett for outstanding service to the horse levitra kaufen racing industry as a veterinarian and Margaret Beckford for outstanding service to sport development in particular netball.

Also receiving the Order of Distinction officer class MVP track club president Bruce James, for sterling contribution to the development of sports and especially in the field of athletics, Brian “Spuddy” Rickman for skilful and dedicated service as a sports commentator in the horse racing industry; Chris Stokes for contribution to the development of sport in Jamaica; Richard Salm for service winter sports promotion and community development; Llockett McGregor for contribution to sports especially the development of tennis and Jolie-Ann Whiteman for long and outstanding service in education sports and for volunteerism.