Spice apparently is not a fan of the “dolly” title.

The Grammy-nominated artiste released her first song for the new year titled “Different Category” which fans are already loving.

Social media users are speculating that the track, is a ‘diss track’ aimed at Shenseea and Spice’s former dancers, TC, Rebel, cheap uk viagra and Pretti Pretti.

The track starts with a list of several things that Spice believes can be compared between her and her opponents from what viagra from canada they wear to how they look but notes that despite all this, there is still a huge difference.

There is a specific line in the song that seemed to have everyone’s attention. Spice mentioned the term “Battery Dolly” which some Spice fans claim is aimed at her former dancers Prettii Prettii, TC, and Rebel, who often refer to themselves as dolls and who were mentioned and featured in the music video for Shenseea’s Dolly.

And of course, Instagram was buzzing when Spice dropped the song on her page. Fans were sure to indian cialis generic voice their thoughts. “The clapback is real love it lyrics !! listen carefully.” A fan said.

While another user said, “Spice just single-handedly ended the entire Dolly Fad in less than a minute.”

Fans were also sure to comment how excited they were to see the visual for the track.