Dancehall sensation Grace Hamilton who is known by the mass as Spice has official kicked off her clothing line collection.

The entertainer official website ‘GRACI NOIR’ opened immediately 12:01 this morning with some killer pieces.

With prices ranging from US29.99 to 145 dollars.

The artiste definitely added a cultural spin on naming her pieces like for the women; Wah Gwan, Yam Head, Yea Goody and for the men’s collection they had their names; Don Dodda, Yard Man and Bun Up Road.

She did made a post stating that she “rep Patois worldwide.”

A host of celebs hopped on to congratulate the Queen her friend from love and Hip Hop Estalita, Ding Dong, cecile and Davina Bennett.

Knowing our Jamaicans they had their bit to say on social media “Proud of her black woman hustling and not begging nobody…if you cannot afford don’t buy it.” “Miss a hard time now who ago spend 85$ fi buy that” another user said “ Den how unuh buy Bridgett’s and a complain bout price?”

Spice announced on her instagram that she will sip and chat about the collection, later today at 5pm on her insta live.