Spice ‘Frenz’ Skyrocket to #1 on iTunes


Last night Dancehall artiste Spice took to instagram via a live to let her “besties” know that her song ‘Frenz’ hit number one on the reggae US iTunes charts. In the video we can see Spice singing along to her song and thanking her fans aka besties while thanking God.

Just last week Spice jumped on Instagram and asked VP records to release her song, she wrote, “thank you vprecords, this one hit home, no need to ask me which song is my favorite anymore its #frenz for me”.

Despite coming under fire last night after posting a video of a party where her track Frenz was being played which showed little or no social distancing and a gathering way above the 15 people limit, Spice continued to enjoy her new success.

just this morning, Spice posted that ‘Frenz’ also hit number one on UK’s reggae iTunes chart as well, she said, “its the fact that im with @direalshaggy and @bobmarley for me, trying to rub off some a dem riches and hits, thanks bestie look at God”.